Number Of Augusta City Vehicles With Defective Airbags Being Reduced

Photo of a City of Augusta work truck.
Photo of a City of Augusta work truck.

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – A half dozen Augusta city trucks with defective airbags are still on the street.

As we first told you, the city had 23 trucks under recall because of potentially deadly defects in the airbags.

The city has been getting the airbags fixed, and Tuesday, the Augusta Commission Finance Committee will vote to replace three additional trucks. That will still leave three more in use.

“I still worry about the three. Every now and again, they will still go out on the road and anytime they go on the road, there’s a risk,” says Augusta Fleet Manager Ron Crowden. “What’s the process for getting that taken care of?” we asked. “Contact the departments and get them to move the trucks down here,” said Crowden.

Two of the trucks are with the Augusta Utilities Department the other is with the Augusta Engineering Services Department. Crowden says he was sending letters to the directors, on Monday, reminding them that the airbags need to be repaired.

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