WJBF Investigates: Eugene Yu Responds to FEC Allegations

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Georgia Republican Congressional Candidate Eugene Yu is responding to our report about the Federal Election Commission investigating him for alleged violations of campaign finance laws.

News Channel 6 Investigates told you last week that the FEC wants to know where Yu got more than $700,000 in loans for his 2014 campaign for the House of Representatives.

The federal agency says the former businessman didn’t have the assets to cover the loans.

Monday, Mr. Yu wouldn’t talk about the open investigation, but confirmed there was one.

“This is 2016. We don’t need to talk about 2014. Let the FEC handle their job. Rick Allen is not the FEC. He is my opponent,” he said.

The congressional candidate says he believes the release of the FEC documents is another political tactic to bring him down.

“That election is over. I lost. He won. Why is he all of a sudden ignoring the numerous times I’ve been asking him to debate,” he said.

Yu says a debate will let the voters know how Congressman Rick Allen has been voting in Washington.

“Finally, 2014 we sent a Republican into Washington. His conservative score is a 50%. That’s an F,” Yu said.

Allen’s campaign released this statement to us:

“Once Mr. Yu files his Personal Financial Disclosure report with the House Clerk, gives a full accounting of where the more than 3/4 of a million dollars he loaned his 2014 campaign came from, and explains why the Federal Election Commission says he did not have sufficient income to loan his campaign that money, and why the FEC finds reason to believe that his campaign violated federal campaign finance law, will Congressman Allen then even think about debating him.”

Yu says that’s why people should vote for him. He says he believes Allen is representing the Washington Elite and not the people.

“I will not meet any lobbyist, whether good or bad. They are not going to meet me at my Washington office. If they want to meet with me, they have to come to my district office. They have to meet with me in my district with my people,” he said.

Yu says he is in full support of Donald Trump for President.

He says he’s upset at the Republican Leadership for not getting behind Trump, and for considering another candidate.

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