Columbia County Students Reach for the Stars at NASA Space Camp


Huntsville, AL—  Dozens of Columbia County school children are attending Space Camp this week in Huntsville, Alabama.

Real rocket scientists greeted the Evans Middle School students when they arrived today!

Evans Middle School teacher, David Phillips, had challenged the students to design and build their own rockets.


Today, they gave presentations about their projects in front of a team of NASA and US Space & Rocket Center experts.

Jake Vanessendelft thought it was great!

“I always loved science and rockets and everything like that, so this is basically my dream world!”

Adrianne Deal credits her teacher for coming up with a project that really caught on with the students.

“I thought it was very cool that our teacher, Mr. Phillips, came up with this idea to teach us about space and about how to launch rockets.”


More than 40,000 children attend the US Space & Rocket Center camps each year. And how about this? US astronauts are among the 700,000 students who have graduated from their programs.

Video/pictures courtesy of the US Space & Rocket Center.

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