Body Positivity Week

Focus on the positive aspects of your body to improve how you see yourself
Focus on the positive aspects of your body to improve how you see yourself

Augusta –

What do women see when they look in the mirror? It’s a question with a variety of answers.
Doctors say when we compare ourselves to the images we see, it creates an unhealthy conflict.
Dr. Christian Lemmon a Clinical Psychologist at Augusta University says television & magazine ads paint unrealistic images in our minds.
Dr. Lemmon, “so I work with patients primarily women who have eating disorders primarily Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, so sometimes what starts out as an idea of losing 5 or 10 pounds, then just continues and continues and continues.”

Jordan Shank is a personal trainer at golds gym and says many women come in with the same request, “most women want to work on their mid section and they want to build their booty. that’s the two biggest things that women focus on.”
He and Dr. Lemmon say the way women see themselves has changed over the years.
Dr. Lemmon, research has shown that African American women are aspiring toward a more Caucasian stereo typical appearance in terms of weight shape and size.”
Rosanne Gschwendner, who happens to be a dietician, says she hopes the images we see in ads will eventually be more realistic.
“for instance bathing suits, it’s the women with a beautiful body, and us middle agers we don’t have that, so you need to show for the different age groups.”
To get bodies swimsuit ready, no matter the age, Jordan takes his clients through a few routines in order to reach their goals.
Dr.Lemmon, …”one of the things i suggest to my patients is that they consider learning how to look at themselves differently.”
that’s something Stacia Robinson says she’s come to grips with, “there was a time when I was dissatisfied with what I saw, but it goes back to you beginning to love yourself. i had to learn to love me and now that I love me I can embrace me.”
Dr. Lemmon, “when you get out of the showers stand in front of a full length mirror and start at the top of your head and go all the way down to your toes without stopping along the way, and then find something you like about yourself”
It’s an exercise that will make a difference in how you see yourself.
Dr. Lemmon says to keep a diary of the positive images you see in the mirror each day … and focus on the positive aspects of who you are.

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