WJBF Investigates: Who is stealing Dr. Mark Newton’s campaign signs?

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA — A candidate for Georgia House District 123 wants to know who is stealing his campaign signs.

Dr. Mark Newton says more than 300 of his campaign signs have gone missing.

His campaign team claims it has photos of a man removing the signs and putting up signs for another candidate.

A campaign sign can cost anywhere from $10 $200, depending on the size.

The signs are an avenue to get messages out there.

“We’ve got, where I went to school, at MCG and Augusta University. The health sciences university for the entire state. I see exciting things with Dr. Keel down there. And that’s a big place where I think the state comes into play. And we need a strong advocate, especially one who in this case would be the only practicing physician in the state house,” Dr. Newton said.

But the Doctors Hospital physician says lately, his campaign signs are being taken down.

“If it was just a few dozen, nobody would really care, that’s just part of the hustle and bustle of politics, but when it got to be 300 and 43 of these $50 signs,” Dr. Newton said.

Newton’s team says friends have spotted a man taking the signs down.

Some have even taken pictures of him.

One of the images shows Newton’s sign sandwiched between Wright McLeod’s.

Another picture shows the same man waving McLeod’s campaign sign in the air.

McLeod says he has nothing to do with the signs being taken down.

“In the political season, signs go up and signs comes down. Certainly, taking down signs is wrong,” McLeod said.

We located the man in the picture, again waving a McLeod sign, but when we got out to talk to him, he ran across the street, jumped in his car and took off.

McLeod says the man could be a volunteer, but again he doesn’t endorse the behavior.

Meanwhile, he’s focusing on his campaign, primarily on education issues.

“You jump over to Richmond County, the issue is really trying to create a viable public educational system. Right now, the schools are not what they need to be,” McLeod said.

Lori Greenhill is also running for the district 123 seat.

She’s a Columbia County nurse who is running on many issues, including government transparency and accountability.

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