WJBF Investigates: Man accused of stealing candidate’s campaign signs

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA — Dr. Mark Newton filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office Thursday about missing campaign signs.

Investigators have identified the suspect and they want to speak with him about the missing signs.

His name is David Llewellyn.

Friends of Dr. Mark Newton say they have spotted him taking down Newton’s campaign signs and putting up signs for Wright McLeod.

A witness says the blue signs sandwiched between the white ones are Newton’s.

“People started to say, wait a minute, we’re getting $4,000 to $5,000 of my supporter’s hard earned dollars stolen. That they donated. And I feel like I need to be a good steward for that, if that’s the way politics are done, that’s the way some people do politics. It’s not the way I do them,” Dr. Newton said.

Wednesday, we found Llewellyn waving a McLeod sign in the air, but when we tried to question him, he jumped in his car and took off.

We also asked McLeod about him.

“You know, we have lots of volunteers,” McLeod told us.

McLeod says he had nothing to do with Newton’s signs being removed.

“Certainly taking signs down is wrong,” McLeod said.

So we went to one of Llewellyn’s listed addresses, but nobody answered.

Next we called a listed number for him. A voice mailbox was not set up.

We tried another number and left him a voicemail.

Taking a look at Llewellyn’s criminal record in Richmond and Columbia County, he has a troubled past.

He’s been arrested and charged with Giving a False Name to an Officer, Forgery, Driving Under the Influence and Possession of Marijuana.

Interestingly enough, court records show Attorney McLeod represented Llewellyn in the marijuana possession case.

We have repeatedly reached out to Wright McLeod and his campaign team today to get a comment.

We also want to know what David Llewellyn’s relation to McLeod and his campaign is.

Wright, I’d love to sit down with you and talk about this issue.

Please give me a call. – Mike

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