WJBF Investigates: Wright McLeod talks about opponent’s missing campaign signs

AUGUSTA — Georgia House District 123 candidate Wright McLeod is telling his side of the story now that one of his campaign workers is facing theft charges after being accused of stealing his opponent’s campaign signs.

Dr. Mark Newton’s campaign team says witnesses spotted a man stealing his campaign signs.

Investigators believe the suspect is David Llewellyn, who as it turns out, worked for the McLeod campaign and is even related to him.

“David Llewellyn is my aunt’s grandson,” McLeod said.

“He has certainly made many bad choices, but he has a wonderful heart. He has been working with me and my family for many years doing odd jobs,” he added.

McLeod says Llewellyn is no longer working for the campaign or holding up signs.

In regard to the pending criminal charges, McLeod says Llewellyn has hired an attorney.

“So you have talked to him about this issue about the signs disappearing and that there have been at least two witnesses who have said that they saw him taking Newton’s signs down and then putting your signs up?” Mike Miller said.

“Well, I don’t know anything about that. What I do know is that when an accusation is made, even in a campaign, you take it very seriously. I did speak to David. He said he has not done any of that. I’ve seen the picture of him holding my sign. I don’t know anything about witnesses,” McLeod said.

“Well… with a blue sign stuffed between there,” Miller added.

“That’s been pointed out to me. But… I also know in our country that you’re innocent until proven guilty,” McLeod said.

McLeod says he believes Llewellyn and that he also believes the case will be dismissed.

The attorney says dozens of his signs have also gone missing.

“I can tell you, without a doubt, where those signs are located. And that’s at the dump in Columbia County. What happens is the county goes by, they believe signs are in the right of way so they take them down and take them to the dump,” McLeod said.

McLeod says he will continue to focus on his campaign and getting a hospital built in Columbia County.

One that he says has been stalled by a Doctors Hospital lawsuit.

“My opponent works for Doctors even though he claims to not have any financial affiliation with them and that is just an absolutely, flat-out wrong statement. Even to me he has admitted that he makes money based on the number of people in billings in the emergency room,” McLeod said.

Dr. Newton says even though he works for Doctors Hospital as the Medical Director of the Emergency Department, he has nothing to do with the pending lawsuit.

McLeod believes it’s a conflict of interest.

Meanwhile, investigators are still looking for Llewellyn.

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