A runoff is declared for GA Senate District 24 race

The results for Georgia State Senate District 24 are in. Greg Grzybowski and Lee Anderson will go head to head in a runoff next election.

The race started with 5 conservative candidates including, Lee Anderson, Joe Edge, Pat Goodwin, Peter Gibbons and Greg Grzybowski.

Brenda Jordan is the Democratic candidate for the District 24 seat.

Lee Anderson led the race the entire night and ended with 34 percent of the vote.

Grzybowski followed behind him with 19 percent, only 1 percent away from Joe Edge.

The Georgia Senate District 24 runoff candidates couldn’t be more different.

Lee Anderson has served as a school board member, county commissioner and state representative, something he says has worked to his benefit.

“You just don’t build relationships overnight, and I’ve built relationships over years,” Anderson said.

Greg Grzybowski on the other hand admits he has little name recognition, which is something he says has been difficult.

“The biggest challenge of running as a new candidate is resources is money,” Grzybowski said.

He says, if he is elected he wants to put a limit on the amount of bills that can be passed at the state level.

“Do we really need that much legislation after 200 plus years of being a state it’s crazy,” Grzybowski said.

Anderson says if elected he wants to make sure sure all counties in district 24 are getting the money owed to them.

“I want to make sure that each county gets the proper share of the sales tax back from Georgia, once the county sent it to Atlanta that they we get the right amount back,” Anderson said.

Each candidate believes they have something that will help them win in the end.

“Lee Anderson strives on one thing and that is be the same Lee Anderson everyday and they know that they can communicate with me, and they know that I will be a good Senator for them,” Anderson said.

Grzybowski says he thinks his rookie status will help him, because people want someone new.

“We’re very confident that over time we’re going to see a lot of new candidates, if it’s not me it’s going to be somebody because people are looking for that change they’re looking for people they can trust,” he admitted.

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