Hopefuls Take On Incumbents On Augusta Commission

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) His sign said honk for Marion Williams and the commissioner known for not staying silent honk was hearing a lot of car horns in support.

“I got a lot of support I see the people responding I think I made a difference in this community and I think people appreciate my voice,” said Williams waving his sign on MLK Boulevard.

Williams is being challenged by new comer Ronnie Battle in the Super District 9 race.

Battle’s campaign report shows a 1000 dollar contribution from Williams’s fellow commissioner Sammie Sias.

“That’s fine I’m going to beat both of them the sitting commissioner and the one he tried to put in the seat,” said Williams when asked about having a challenger.

District 1 Commissioner Bill Fennoy has two challengers we caught up with him at his campaign headquarters.

He was getting supplies for his campaign workers and feeling good about his chances.

“Tried to listen to the people’s concerns address their issues and I feel very optimistic about the results of the election this afternoon,” said Fennoy.

In the District 1 race Michael Thurman was out trying to get his supporters to the polls.

“I just want to make sure the people know if they want the same machine stay at home if you want something different if you want a better Augusta then you need to get out and vote,” said Thurman.

Ann Delorge was getting out the vote for her candidate in District 1 Denise Traina who she says is responsive.

“If you call her she will be there for you,” said Delorge.
“You don’t think the incumbent would be?

“Maybe not quite as much”: she said.

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