SAY WHAT? Burger King in Finland opens a spa inside

HELSINKI (WCMH) – Want to stay in a fancy European hotel, but have all the comforts of American fast food right at your fingertips?

Well, here’s your chance.

CREDIT: Restel Hotel website
CREDIT: Restel Hotel website

A hotel in Finland has opened a spa in connection with Burger King, where you can actually order a Whopper while you’re sweating it out in the sauna. According to the Restel hotel’s website, the sauna seats 15 and is ideal for business meetings.

Metro reports that the sauna comes equipped with a 48″ TV, and a selection of branded Burger King towels.

Next door is the spa’s media lounge, which has a 55″ TV and a Playstation 4.

You can rent it for 3 hours at a rate of € 250, or about $282. Just don’t drop those onion rings in the tub….

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