Henry Wayne Howard keeps District 124 seat

Representative Wayne Howard keeps District seat 124
Representative Wayne Howard keeps District seat 124

Augusta – Democrat Henry “Wayne” Howard working hard to keep the seat he’s held for five-terms, the Georgia House of Representatives District 124 seat.
His fight was against Gregory Hill, who is a retired Army combat veteran. Hill’s campaign focused on increasing economic development in the CSRA.

Tonight the man who has held this position since 2007 will continue representing District 124. Henry “Wayne” Howard winning with almost 80% of the vote. Gregory Hill ending the night with close to 23%.

Representative Howard, “thank you! thank you for trusting me, thank you for showing your trust by voting and your vote of confidence makes me want to work harder.”

That is the message that Henry Wayne Howard wants to share with his supporters after winning his district 124 seat once again.

Howard, “I would say we’ve been able to keep things a float, because we had some tough times. we came thru some tough periods.”

Since his election Howard says he’s been fighting for the people.

Howard, “you know a lot of cities were not able to move forward with infrastructure, we’ve been able to do that. we’ve been able to prepare ourselves for the growth and we’re ready to grow now.”

Now after winning yet again he is looking forward.

Howard, “positive growth economic growth, jobs, rebuilding the inner city, we’re a older city.”

As the celebration continues into the night. he’ll work the room meeting and greeting and thinking all who supported him on this journey.

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