2nd Augusta Brewery applies for city license

Logo of Savannah River Brewing.

(AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)  Craft Breweries are a growing trend in Augusta.

A commission committee says  okay  to Savannah River Brewing company’s request for an Alcohol license to make craft beer.
This follows River Watch Brewing which got its city license to make  last year but didn’t officially opened until  this month.

Company officials say  they’re still working on the   building while going through the process of getting all the different  licenses.

“You got to have all t we’re still waiting on our federal license which has been in since February sitting on somebody’s  desk I don’t mean to upset any body but once we get that we’ll get the state we got the city so I’m anticipating that will take place within the next month,”  says Steven Ellison of Savannah River Brewery.

Once the full commission approves the license, next week the company is hoping  to open by the end of  July however that will depend on getting all the licenses.


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