South Augusta development Authority discussed

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Stan Huff has lived in south Augusta for more than 60 years and feel feels this area has missed out.

We don’t have it for entertainment restaurants especially good restaurants we cannot get them on that side you want the city to do something we lost out,” said Huff.

Now some commissioners feel it’s time south Augusta had its own development authority,

“This conversation started in 2008 we’ve always been concerned about economic development in Augusta and particularly in south Augusta,” says Commissioner Sammie Sias.

Commissioner Sias wants to create a commission sub-committee to look into the pros and cons of creating a south Augusta development authority along the lines of the Downtown Development Authority.

“When we say south Augusta Economic Development authority we’re not excluding the rest of Augusta we’re talking about everything outside the foot print of the DDA,” says Sias.

Commissioner Bill Lockett wants redevelopment but doesn’t think a commission subcommittee needs to be the one making it happen.

“We should direct the administrator to put a team of her staff together to coordinate the development authority we have in place and others and come up with a plan and bring it back to the commission,” says Lockett who represents  a large area if south Augusta.

Finance Committee Chairman Wayne Guilfoyle also represents a large area of south Augusta but doesn’t think a new development authority   is the answer.

“It might be good to broaden what we have downtown into south Richmond County you don’t want to create a whole new department for this first it will cost second we got to reinvent the wheel,” says Guilfoyle.

Despite questions from the chairman the finance committee approved recommending the creation of the south Augusta economic development authority sub-committee to the full commission. The board is schedule to take up the issue next week.

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