$100K salary study could cost Augusta taxpayers even more

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – When it comes to city jobs, there’s a lot of workers out there whose pay doesn’t cut it, so the city is ordering a study.

“They will be looking at all those positions to determine if the pay scale for those jobs is consistent with what the market will demand for those jobs, “says City Administrator Janice Jackson.

A commission committee has approved a $100,000 study to look at the job classification and pay for every job in the organization. It would be the first salary study since the late 1990’s but some commissioners are not ready to do it again.

“In my company I wish I could do a study every time something goes wrong but it takes money and we’re going to pay more money to do a study and put it on the shelf,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Grady Smith

But it might be cheaper to keep a salary study on the shelf because it’s expecting to find that city pay isn’t up to market rates.

“We did do a study of one small department on our own and we found that 75 percent did require some adjustment,” said Augusta Human Resources Director Michael Loeser.

“Particularly since we haven’t had one in 18 years or so, I would not be surprised if it comes back with some significant recommendations for changes in pay scales,” said Jackson.

“How much money do you got? That’s the name of the game. Where do we get the funds? We must have something hidden that I don’t know about,” said Smith.

City Administrator Jackson says once the study is completed the recommendations will be considered and says if it does recommend widespread increase in salaries, those could be phased in over a couple few years to limit the impact on yearly budgets.

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