“Out There…Somewhere”: Highway stripes can’t get it straight

"Out There...Somewhere"

WILLISTON, S.C.  (WJBF) –  As she drove, Rosa Walker thought her eyes were playing tricks.

“I thought maybe as you see the heat the heat sometimes distorts stuff…”

But no it wasn’t the heat. Something wasn’t right.

“I laughed and I told my son about it he said I thought I was seeing things to they are really wiggly down there,” said Walker who has lived on Davis Bridge Road  for 17 years.

What is wiggly on Davis Bridge Road…. the newly painted yellow lines.

“They look kind of crooked I don’t know what happened it kind of goes in and turns out like that,” says Woody Stroman.

Straight highway stripes, that’s sort of a given most places, but not here.

“They ain’t straight who came down here doing that a child,” said one resident who said his name was “Country.”

There is a certain serpentine quality to the work.

“I thought either he had a flat tire and didn’t know it and the thing was wiggling or I don’t know it’s just hilarious,” said Walker.

The South Carolina DOT says it was a brand new paint crew that did this job, you know there’s a learning curve.

Was there this conversation at the office? Boss this is kind of on you, you said go paint the highway lines you never said make sure they’re straight.

“What kind of grade would you give the striper here?”

“You got to give him a D,” said Stroman.

“Didn’t quite flunk it.”

“Just D because they do have a line it’s not straight,” said Stroman.

But straight highway lines are everywhere, the painting on Davis Bridge Road, look at it as modern art.

“We’re unique we’re unique out here,” said Walker.

And that’s giving it to you straight?

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