Digging deeper into city of Grovetown federal investigation

GROVETOWN, Ga. – We’re digging deeper into the federal investigation regarding the city of Grovetown.

News Channel 6 was able to get Vicky Capetillo’s personnel file. There was nothing negative in it except for the notice sent to her that she has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

Mayor Gary Jones tells News Channel 6 that Capitillo was in charge of all the money coming into city hall and that has residents we spoke with concerned.

This desk sits empty for Vicki Capetillo, the clerk for the City of Grovetown, who was placed on administrative leave with pay after an investigation was recently launched by the Treasury Department and FBI.

Mayor Gary Jones says the federal investigation stems from hundreds of complaints from citizens, before he was mayor, complaining that it was taking months for their checks to be cashed by the city. Once Gary Jones became the mayor, he was able to confirm checks were being held.

“This is something that I felt needed to be done, whether I was mayor or not. I kept my word on that I said we would look into that and we did. And it continues,” said Jones.

Now, that’s leaving residents like Michael Wise on edge.

“As far as the investigation into the city, I really hope they get that fixed because that’s big. It concerns a lot of folks in Grovetown. We’re talking a lot of money. I’ve heard thousands,” said Wise.

It’s also leaving residents wondering if there’s a connection between the city clerk and missing funds.

“I certainly would hope not. Now, I’m not investigating that. That’s something that I’m sure is part of the investigation. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out totally but I would certainly hope that’s not the case,” said Jones.

News Channel 6 wanted to make sure to reach out to Vicki Capetillo. We called her several times, left a voicemail and text. However, as of news time, she hasn’t gotten back with us.

We also want to emphasize that no charges have been filed regarding the federal investigation and that it is still ongoing

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