Giving Your Best: Clementine Jennings

Clementine Jennings is the June Giving Your Best winner.

GRANITEVILLE, S.C. (WJBF) – From picking up kids and taking them to church to feeding and clothing homeless people, Clementine Jennings never stops caring for others.

WJBF surprised her recently — surrounded by her daughters and several of her grandchildren.Daughter Felinda says her mom is kind-hearted, loving, caring, gracious and funny— but more than that, she says her heart has more love that any person she knows.

That’s why Clementine Jennings is our Giving Your Best winner for June.

“We’re always throwing like family events and there’s a lot of kids and outside people that we know and they always join in and they never leave!! They’re attached and stuck to us because of the way we love each other and get along together.”

It’s easy to see why people are attracted to the Jennings family, a clan that calls themselves “The Dirt Road!”

Clementine is the queen!

“I love to work, I love to cook, I love people.”

A trait that was in her DNA.

“I had very loving parents, caring parents”

She was one of 9 children, and then her father took in her 14 cousins.

“We stayed in a 3 room house. some slept on the floor, where ever we could, but we were taken care of, never missed a meal.”

Maybe that’s why Clementine has collected so many people along the way. So many, that she had to get a passenger van– and she drove a hard bargain:

“She said, ‘OK, that’s your biggest bid?’ And I said ‘Yes!’ and two weeks later she said, ‘You got the van,’ and I carry like 18 or 20 kids in it to Sunday School, church.”

Felinda Jennings nominated her mother for the Giving Your Best award.

“She’s an awesome woman, she has a loving, kind heart. She’s always there for you, no matter what.”

Felinda says the word “no” isn’t in her mom’s vocabulary!

“She can’t tell you no, if she doesn’t have it she’s gonna try to find some kind of way to get it for you. She’s always instilled in me that your blessings don’t come from man, they come from on high.”

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