Child care facility owners skeptical of city bringing Boys & Girls Club to town

This Boys & Girls Club brochure is causing major problems for a child care provider in Waynesboro.

The owner of a child care facility operating in a building owned by the city of Waynesboro, voiced concerns about whether leaders are taking steps to move other operators inside.

A Child’s World Chief Operating Officer Shatoria Rackins said the city is unfairly working to move the Boy’s & Girls club into their newly-renovated building on West 9th Street.  Rackins now has the blueprints of the building and she says the Boys & Girls Club’s name is on it.  City Administrator Jerry Coalson said those are old blueprints from 2008 when the city first tried to attract the club.  However, Rackins said a fundraising brochure for the organization was mailed with city water bills, asking residents for help.

She said A Child’s World wants to stay in the building because it is part of the community.

“We have people who are invested in this community.  Our workers, our employees are from here. It’s a difference when you’re able to say I know your mom or I know your dad,” Rackins said.

Waynesboro City Councilwoman Alberta Anderson said her motion to extend CEO Jennifer Rackins’ lease long-term failed.  She believes the mayor is serving on the board for the Boys & Girls Club and said that’s a conflict of interest.

“She’s paying $600 a month.  In 5 years if you want to increase her rate to $800, she would be willing to do it.  She has invested a lot of money into the building. So, if you’re not really concerned about it then why don’t you give her a 5 year lease,” Councilwoman Anderson said.

Coalson said there is not a conflict of interest.

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