Ban the box push raises concerns

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)  There are still worries as Augusta prepares to move forward with banning the box.

Commissioners voting to delay  approving   removing the criminal history  “check box” on   job applications until the end of this month,

This to give a consultant working on the city personnel policy  a chance to look it over.

Banning the box means those applying  for a city  job don’t have to check  they have a criminal conviction.

and that’s a concern for  some commissioners.

“Sometimes you need  to draw the line and we say we need to know who’s who I mean would you like to be working next to somebody day in and day out and find out he’s either a bank robber or what ever petty thief burglary or wanted for rape or child molestation wouldn’t you like to know,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Grady Smith.

Under the proposal  criminal background checks -would- still be conducted on job applications but only if they are a finalist for the job,  apply for a job in law enforcement, or a job working with children.

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