Full early afternoon press conference from McEntire Joint National Guard Base

Remains of one F-16 still not found

Two F-16 fighter jets collided over Jefferson County, Georgia during the evening of June 7, 2016.

MCENTIRE JOINT NATIONAL GUARD BASE (WJBF) – A second press conference was held early Wednesday afternoon, giving updated information about the collision of two F-16 fighter jets over Jefferson County, Georgia.

According to information release during the press conference, two experienced pilots were flying the 1993 jets in a routine, but complex exercise.

Wreckage from one of the jets was found off of Highway 17 in Jefferson County. The whereabouts of the other jet remain unknown. The search has been difficult because of the terrain, swampy areas, dense vegetation, recent rain, and the fact that the jets have no beacon on their equivalent of the “black box” as it’s known in commercial aircraft.

There have been no casualties and no significant damage on the ground has been reported.

For Jefferson County residents: if you come across debris, do not touch it. Some of the materials may be hazardous to touch. Call 911 or 803-647-8888.

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