Louisville residents talk about crash in their small town

People respond to fighter jet crash heard in Louisville.

LOUISVILLE, Ga. (WJBF) –  People who live near the crash location are well aware of the day long showdown with the fighter jets. Some even heard those planes flying.

“We just heard some planes that were flying low and my daughter and I both commented on how it sounded like it was very, very low,” Terri Dudley, of Louisville, said.

The town of Louisville is small. Dudley said the sound of aircraft there is pretty big.

“A lot of times you hear them first and then you see them,” she explained.

Word travels fast in the close-knit community, so those who didn’t hear the crash heard about it from the lips of their neighbors.

Murray Hadden is one of residents who heard the news from media and friends.

“This is big for Louisville, Georgia. I’m just glad nobody got hurt,” he said.

As a plane flies in one part of town looking for the wreckage left from the crash in the woods, folks in town began to think about their safety, too.

“I’m just grateful that they were able to eject because this does help our country a lot in the long run for them to be able to train. I just wish it didn’t have to be so close to areas where we are populated,” she said.

Willie Williams, who lives nearby is also concerned about the training area being where he resides.

“First of all, I’m a veteran and I know how important it is to train. But, I think the training should take place in a non-resident area like the ocean. It doesn’t need to be in a residential area because it can be a disaster if it happened where people stay at. It was pretty close,” he said.

Many people remember the crash that took place in 1987 near Highway 88. All said they understand the importance of training as it relates to protecting this country, but they feel the location should not be near populated areas.

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