Sexual Assault Awareness

Statistics show that nearly 90-percent of all acquaintance rapes involve alcohol
Statistics show that Nearly 90-percent of all acquaintance rapes involve alcohol

Recent headlines are sparking the conversation about rape across the nation and right here in the CSRA.
News Channel 6’s Kimberely Scott takes a closer look.

Amanda and Judah are a part of Augusta’s social scene and say they’ve had conversations about rape.

Amanda, ” I’ve talked to some friends and people that I know who have said, I was really drunk and I’m not really sure what happened, but you know it’s fine its what ever, you know its my fault and there’s a lot of self blame, so that can kind of mask this thing as I don’t think I was raped I was being out of control.”

Katherine Sims works with the Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services of University Hospital. they work with victims of rape and sexual assault.

Katherine, “the message that we focus on the most is that if you are sexually assaulted, it’s never your fault, it doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter what your doing, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, it is never the fault of the victim.”

That’s a message they spend time sharing with victims, advocates, civic groups, and even students. It’s also a message that some say should be shared at home.

Texanna, ” our parents are the ones that should be teaching the children what they need to know at an early age and that’s where it starts at home.”

Although the conversation may be uncomfortable, there is a way to help children understand.

Judah, the father definitely should be there teaching their son about how to respect women, the mother should be there teaching how to respect a women emotionally.

Statistics show that nearly 90-percent of all acquaintance rapes involve alcohol. and in the case of Brock Turner many say that having too much to drink is never an excuse.

Amanda, ” if it’s like a i just met you at a bar scenario and they say no- just walk away, and hopefully with a phone number and move on – yeah, enjoy your night, move on.

Many women are raped and or assaulted and say nothing, Katherine says the center and its advocates are here to help.

Katherine, “our victim advocates, if any sexual assault victims present in the emergency room, the advocates will meet them in the emergency room to be with them and to kind of guide them through the process.”

Rape crisis and sexual assault services provides help at no cost for survivors of sexual assault and their families regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred or whether it was reported.

If you need help : Contact the Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services

706-724-5200 (24 hour)

1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

706-774-2740 (Business)


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