Commissioner concerns dominate committee meetings

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)The condition of the old Castleberry building on 15th street caught Marion Williams’s eye it wasn’t being so city inspectors took a look and found no sprinkler system so the two tenants must get out.

“Because of the fire codes and the building codes they just can’t occupy it,” said Rob Sherman of License and Inspections.

Discussion of the old Castleberry building was one of five items commissioner Marion Williams put on the committee agendas for discussion

“There’s a lot more that should be on the agenda George we got some serious issues we we’re not addressing,” said Williams.

Williams’s issues ranged from city policy for recreation centers, where fellow commissioner Sammie Sias has a key to the Jamestown rec center, operated by his neighborhood association.

Williams also looking for an update on the 15 year old Link Deposit program, where the city put  about five million dollars in two Augusta banks as an incentive for the banks to make loans to small a businesses  but in 2009 the program went dormant  Williams asking city officials why.

“It’s been there for 15 years the commission should have brought it up a long time ago those are some of the issues we feel we need to get moving on,” said Williams.

But other commissioners are critical of Williams’s approach of adding all the items for committee discussion.

“Our agendas, we just have too much unnecessary stuff on them and because of that it doesn’t give up ample time to concentrate on the things of major importance,” said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

“People just disappointed that some commissioners don’t do their homework before they get here this is where they want to have to conversations and many of us have those conversations behind the scenes,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“If you’re in an elected official position you’re going to get criticized anybody here that don’t want to hold the meeting and work for the people they shouldn’t apply for this job,” said Williams.

Williams today also requesting on the  schedule for improvements at the James Brown statue city engineers say the work will kick off later this month however engineers say to do all that is proposed will cost  almost 150 thousand dollars but only 45  thousand has been budgeted.



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