Fire agreement with Grovetown could save Augusta residents money

Augusta Fire Department graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)  Better fire protection could be on the way for hundreds of Augusta residents.
The commission public safety committee giving the OK to an aid agreement with the Grovetown fire department.

In the Fort Gordon area the Grovetown station is much closer than the nearest  Augusta station on Flowing Wells Road.

And the fire chief says once the agreement gets final approval, better fire protection will not be the  only benefit.

“Another thing this automatic aid does is it allows the citizens to get and reduction in their insurance rate because the first company to their home won’t be the flowing wells station it will be one of the stations we have automatic aid with either fort gordon or Grovetown,” says Fire Chief Chris James.

The full commission is expected to approve the aid agreement next week.

The chief says this will help residents in that section of southwest Augusta until a new fire station for the area is built.

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