Former Augusta pastor wants your money

Greg DeLoach is almost 50


The man who lead one of Augusta’s most historic churches for more than a decade is desperate for cash.  He’s also about to celebrate a milestone.

Former First Baptist Pastor Greg DeLoach recently left the FBC pulpit to take over as CEO of Developmental Disabilities Ministries in Norcross, Georgia.  The organization works with developmentally disabled people to maximize their potential in all areas.  That mission requires love, dedication, and money.  Those requirements, along with Dr. DeLoach’s upcoming 50th birthday, gave birth to a fundraising idea.

Instead of asking for birthday gifts, DeLoach is asking for donations.  His goal is to bring in 50-thousand dollars for the programs and services of Developmental Disabilities Ministries.  The way the former pastor figures, if 2,000 people gave just 25-dollars, the goal would easily be met.

No stranger to social media, Dr. DeLoach even prepared a video to further explain his birthday mission.  You can watch it here.  If you would like to give him a “birthday present” so that he can use it to help fund his new ministry at DDM, you can click here.


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