Turn Back the Block in Historic Harrisburg

Offering low and interest free mortgages.

The Harrisburg you once knew is changing one house at a time. With the potential development at the mill, new energy is filling the streets. Micheal Weintraub……lives there.
Michael, ” I’m a more get out with your neighbors fix the neighborhood get stuff kinda done and that’s what turn back the block and all these people are about and doing.”

He’s lived in the area for more than 2 years and says he’s excited about the communities future…..he’s also a homeowner thanks to turn back the block.
Christel Jiles, “turn back the block is a faith based non-profit organization working specifically to revitalize the neighborhood of Harrisburg….we do that through housing rehabilitation and new construction.”

Christel is the Executive Director of the program and says they’re offering people opportunity to own their own homes in Harrisburg.
Christel, ” we rehab and construct those houses and offer them at zero percent interest, to families who might not otherwise qualify for a mortgage. So we have less strength credit qualifying criteria, and less upfront cost then would be necessary for a traditional mortgage.”

Michael says the program is bringing people in the community together….one family at a time.
Actually ended up after a couple of years I asked if i qualified and so we did and I’ve got this gorgeous house, in a great neighborhood and i love this neighborhood.”

Some of the properties are donated to the organization giving the donor a tax break. while other properties are purchased. some are fixer uppers….while others just need to be torn down and rebuilt.
Christel, ” we feel like we have a responsibility to re-neighbor harrisburg well, so we’re actually doing police background checks and things like that, so we’re making sure we’re moving people in that are going to be a positive asset to the community.”

‘Turn Back the Block’ is an organization that’s working to re-build neighborhoods and communities.

Turn Back the Block / 706-262-4000 / http://www.turnbacktheblock.com

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