First signs up at Augusta University, more on the way

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta University finally has its first new signs up since the name change.

The new signs can be seen on the Annex Building at 15th Street and Walton Way.

It’s been nine months since the Georgia Board of Regents made the decision to change the school’s name from Georgia Regents University to the community-backed name, Augusta University.

“We’re thrilled with these. I came down last night and looked at it lit up. It’s beautiful,” VP for Communications and Marketing Jack Evans said.

University officials chose the Annex Building first as a case study to get the signs right.

“Obviously, it’s very visible. This is one of the highest traffic count areas that we have, but it’s also not disruptive to patients and visitors. It’s easy for us to access this building with cranes and take our time,” Evans said.

The 3 new signs cost about $65,000 total.

Banners and other temporary signs have already been replaced.

With hundreds of GRU signs still around campus, school leaders still don’t have an estimate for what it will all cost.

“It is a lot of signs and we want to do it in a conservative, reasonable way, so part of the question is do we do this in one budget year or do we have to spread it across two budget years?” Evans said.

For the last name change, it cost about $3.8 million to change all signs and materials.

Evans says they don’t have a timeline yet, but his team should know more at the end of July.

“We’re very proud of the new identity. We think the marks for Augusta University are beautiful and we owe it to the community to get this right,” Evans said.

And AU’s community will be growing with the addition of on-campus student housing.

“School officials say the two new dorms will be finished by the Fall Semester and they’re hoping to that all the new Augusta University signs will be up by then, so that incoming freshmen, will only see them,” Evans said.

“We are putting these signs up for long haul and that’s part of why we’re taking such extreme measures to make sure we understand how to do this right. These are here to stay,” Evans said.

You’ll remember that school officials initially said the new signs would be funded by local civic leaders.

As of right now, that doesn’t seem to be the case. AU will be using it’s existing budget.

It’s also worth noting that tuition will not be going up.

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