Campers working to assess damage after microburst at Mistletoe State Park

Mistletoe State Park Damage
Mistletoe State Park Damage

Snapped trees, tons of debris and camping equipment that’s almost unrecognizable.

Since Friday’s microburst at Mistletoe State Park, volunteers and campers have been working to clean up with mother nature left behind.

David Jones and his wife were caught in the middle of the chaos, Friday.

“And it was like blowing so hard…it was like 100 mile per hour winds. Trees just snapped left and right,” said Jones.

Downed trees damaged part of his camper and even injured him.

“The top of the tree fell out and onto the back of the camper, leaving slight damage on the back of the camper. A few limbs fell and I got hit by a small limb trying to run around the vehicle to get back inside,” said Jones.

Once all became calm, Jones and his wife say they made the best of the rest of their stay.

“Mother nature gave us some limbs and we used them for firewood,” said Jones.

As Jones and his wife left the park, James Hand was stuck trying to figure out what to do with his camper after a tree fell on its right side.

“I’m trying to get my insurance company to come out here and tell me wether they are going to total it or fix it or whatever so I can get it done and out of here too,” said Hand.

However, after taking a look inside, Hand says he’s afraid his camper may be a total loss.

“I think they’re going to total it because this whole side is buckled in from the impact,” said Hand.

Showing a prime example of just how mean mother nature can be.

DNR tells NewsChannel 6 that crews were coming to work on the clean-up Monday afternoon and would be in full clean-up mode Tuesday. As far as camping, rangers say the camping area is closed until Wednesday.

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