Giving Your Best: Helene Kelly

Helene Kelly is the Giving Your Best winner for July.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A room full of family and friends packed a local Cracker Barrel last week, to help us surprise Helene Kelly with the Giving Your Best award.

This very surprised great grandmother gets her greatest joy in helping others, and you can see by the people who came to support her, that she is loved and appreciated.

Helene has had her share of heartbreak but she manages to to turn tragedy into something meaningful. She lost her husband last year, but honors his memory with a scholarship at a private Christian school she supports.

Her friends say no one is more deserving than the cheerful lady who is always doing for others.

“It’s overwhelming how much she does just for everybody. I mean she does so much for me- I can never repay her.”

So that’s why Lauren Lamb nominated her grandmother for the Giving Your Best award.

“We call her the little fairy godmother, because that’s what she is!”

Helene has a way of finding people who need a “fairy godmother”…  like a little girl suffering third degree burns at Doctors Hospital.

“She just fell in love with her, has taken care of her, helped with bills, anything they need.”

Helene understands how hard it is to see a child suffer. She lost her 21-year-old son nearly two decades ago in a terrible car accident.

“It’s hard, you never get over losing a child. But at the time, he had a daughter and we wanted to give back, we never wanted anyone to forget Eric.”

She and her husband started a scholarship in Eric’s honor at the high school in Waynesboro. Helene says she’s blessed, to be able to help to help others.

“You see so many that hurt, you want to help everybody. I’ve always been that kind of person, but maybe I can just help in a small little corner of my own life, you know? People around me, I just want to make a difference.”

Whether it’s taking flowers to a nursing home or sending out birthday cards, Helene wants her family and friends to know that they’re special.

“It’s not so much money that’s your wealth, it’s family that’s your wealth. That’s the way I look at it. I love my family,” she said.

“I tell her all the time when I grow up I want to be just like you.”

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