Riverwalk Substation approved; will deputies help new Depot property project?

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) They were visiting Riverwalk, the shooting earlier this month not keeping them away but word that a sheriff’s office substation would be coming to the Unisys building was seen as a positive step.

I think that would be a terrific idea because it would give you a much greater sense of security just knowing their around,” said Riverwalk visitor Marti McGuffin.

“As long as the community is growing I don’t mind having the sheriff’s down here either way if it eases people having a sense of mind I feel more secure that’s okay,” said visitor Dashan Brodus

A substation is okay with commissioners as they approved having the administrator find 150 thousand dollars for construction,

“I think the substation will be good it’s not going to house any officers it’s going to be a place they can come in do reports just show their presence,” said Commissioner Marion Williams

Now Commissioner Frantom who was big proponent of the substation says it’s not in response to the Fourth of July shooting but rather to keep up with planned development downtown including a project on the city owned depot property right next to Riverwalk..

Back in May commissioners approved an agreement with the Downtown Development Authority to land a project for the site, it was said then there was nothing on the drawing board but that could be changing.

“Are we actually going to see something there soon?

“I think so I think so yeah,” said Commissioner Frantom.

“Can you elaborate?”

“I can’t yet but its coming this is a proactive move that’s needed in downtown Augusta,” said Frantom.

“Condo’s shops?”

“We’ll see,” said Frantom.

The city administrator plans to meet with developers to get a final cost on building that substation.


Those talks will include whether there can be a payment arrangement, where those costs can be paid over time.

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