“Out There…Somewhere”: Fishing for a story

"Out There...Somewhere"

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) –  It was an all-star -cast- at the Mayor’s Fishing hole  as about 12 dozen kids got a chance to try their luck.

“I’m looking for a bass or a brim, said Takeem Frorup,

“You got anything yet?”

“Not yet, not quite,” he said.

There’s nothing quite like a day at the pond, it can be a relaxing, trouble forgetting time  but a lot of these kids didn’t know that.

“First day,” said Christinna Pinckney.”

“First time ever, do you like it?”

“Yeah starting to,” she said.

The fishing was good, so how about the catching.

“It’s not that good not catching a fish you got to be patient to catch a fish you don’t have to rush it or nothing,” said Shamer Leach.

Mayor Hardie Davis Augusta’s first fisherman was the host he said the idea was to introduce the sport to kids who may not have had the pleasure of drowning a few worms.

“So they get a chance to spend time outdoors today not behind a television not behind a video game spending time out here fishing learning about nature learning about the great outdoors,” said Mayor Davis.

Now most of these kids are brand new to this rod and reel thing there is one part of fishing they are figuring out the story part you should have seen the one that got away.

“Have you had a bite yet has one got away?”

“Yeah” said Aleynah Thomas.

How big was it?

“It was little,” she said.

“You had a big one?

“Yes,” said Kayla Walker.

“It got away how big.”

“Wow that would have been good if you could have landed her,

Umm, umm,” answered Walker.

“How big.”

“This big,” said Takeem.

It got away from you?”

“Yes sir,” he said

“You are a fisherman that’s for sure.”

“I’ve heard these guys tell a few tales today,” said Mayor Davis

“The one that got away?”

“The one that got away,” said the Mayor.

So maybe fishing with catch on for these youngsters it’s not easy but just thinks of the stories

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