Commission puts conditions on Tax Assessors contract

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Alveno Ross says the Board of Assessors feels he’s doing a good job.

“The Board of Assessors, who oversees us, has done a merit review out of a three point system gave me a two point eight,” said Ross.

But Augusta Commissioners now are  giving  the Tax Assessors Board some marching orders they want a two year deal for Ross, with no pay increase. and a ninety day work review of the office.

“You know it boils down to the Chief Appraiser is going to do more of a hands on he won’t be able to completely rely on his Deputy Appraisers,” said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

Some commissioners were concerned after learning that five properties including apartment complexes were still not paying property taxes two years after the Assessors Board voted to remove their tax exempt status.

In their motion commissioners said the 90 day review will be used to determine if those properties are put on the tax rolls.

You definitely said address that was part of this motion.”

“Oh that was part of this process yes,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

“You think it will be does it need to be?”

“It will be and it definitely needs to be,” said Hasan.

Ross is facing a pending lawsuit after demoting his  Chief Deputy last year, commissioners also directed him to resolve the personnel issues in his office.

“But there’s also some direction he have given people that he has refused do so until you get a guy until you get a guy who can call the shots don’t totally blame him,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Grady Smith.

“We’re you not hands on enough did you let these exemptions stay on there when they shouldn’t have does the buck stop with you?”

“Everything stops with me I accept that responsibility,” said Ross.

As Chief appraiser Ross’s contract is actually with the tax assessor board so there’s a meeting of that board tomorrow at noon to put the commission’s recommendations into his new deal

Then commissioners are expected to give final approval at their meeting on July 26th.

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