Local DNC delegates head to Philadelphia

CSRA's Delegates in Philadelphia for Democratic National Convention
CSRA's Delegates in Philadelphia for Democratic National Convention

PHILADELPHIA (WJBF) – With the Democratic National Convention kicking off this week, several local delegates have made their way to Philadelphia. We talked with a few of them about what they hope to experience this week.

One of the CSRA’s hometown delegates is Franklin Delano Williams of Augusta. Williams was a Hillary Clinton delegate in 2008 and says he’s known the former Secretary of State for years. Williams has been a vocal supporter of Clinton during the entire election process thus far. He says he believes the DNC will bring unity to the Democratic Party and the country needs steady leadership that is not guided by emotion. He goes on to say unlike Donald Trump, Clinton is a team player for the Democrats.

“Think about after losing to Obama, she didn’t go off into some corner. She rolled up her sleeves, worked for his election and agreed to come into his administration because she’s a team player. That’s the thing I’ve always liked about her,” said Williams.

Another local delegate is Ra Shad Gaines, a political strategist who calls Aiken his home. He says the DNC is the super bowl for those who follow politics. He thinks the convention will be a great display of what America looks like with people of all different races, religions, and identities. Gaines says Democrats need to iron out some of their differences in Philadelphia to be united come November and although Sen. Bernie Sanders did not win the nomination, he helped bring the party back to it’s liberal base.

“I think he helped push the party back to where it was supposed to be, which is fighting for everyday citizens and fighting for people who don’t know how to use the system as a weapon,” said Gaines.

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