Horse concerns get heated in Burke County

Burke County Horse
Burke County Horse

BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – A Burke County woman says she fears for her life after concern for what she says are neglected horses led to a violent altercation, Tuesday.

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office says the Georgia Department of Agriculture was at the home of the horse owner Tuesday morning, investigating.

Horse rescuer Charlie Chappee also went to the home– offering to buy the horses.

She says her offer wasn’t received well by the horse owner.

Shards of glass are all that’s left of Charlie Chappee’s passenger side window.

“Gun to the head…window kicked in…tried for my face…missed,” said Chappee.

Chappee says she went to try and offer help to the owner of the horses who she says are neglected. She says the male horse looked extremely bad.

Burke_Horses_double“He was the worst. The white horse is pregnant and that’s the only reason she looked good. If she makes it through the pregnancy, she’s going to look as bad as him,” said Chappee.

Now she says, she scared not only for the horses lives but for her own.

“He was punching here you can see the dent here. Then he started kicking the car. Once I got in, he started kicking the window and kicked the window in,” said Chappee.

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident. Now, all Chappee can do is sit and wait to hear back from the Department of Agriculture.

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office also says that the horse owner told them the horses saw a vet a week ago and the vet said the owner was over feeding the horses sweet feed and needed to switch the horse to hay.

The Sheriff’s Office adds there were three bales of hay when deputies arrived, Tuesday.

As far as Chappee’s incident is concerned, she says she was told by the Burke County Sheriff’s Office that no charges would be filed by them against the horse owner.

Chappee said the Burke County Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t come to her home but a report would be made and she could pick it up Wednesday if she wished to move forward.

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