Call to Make Milledgeville Road safer; ADA compliant

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) one Augusta commissioner has safety concerns about a busy street…

the area in question is Milledgeville Road between north leg and the Gordon Highway.

Much of the busy roadway doesn’t have sidewalks,and in sections that do, parts are not ADA compliant.

In one area, a large utility pole blocks most of the sidewalk. people familiar with the area say the pole is in the way of pedestrians using the sidewalk.

“Most of the time people walk around you know split the pole they walk around it” said Sidney McClean.

“Do they have to get in the street it’s in the way””

But it’s hard to move a pole,” he said

“But somebody in a wheelchair or a kid.”

“They have to go around,” said McClean.

City engineers say there’s no money budgeted  for sidewalk work on Milledgeville Road, however they say the will check with the state DOT about possible funding.
The commission is expected to  hear back before November.



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