‘Back to School Fathers Challenge’ welcomes in Burke County students

Burke County Fathers Cheer on Students
Burke County Fathers Cheer on Students

WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – A group of Burke County fathers are working to make the first day of school extra special for their students. They hope to inspire and support them by cheering for them as they get off the school bus.

The group organizer, Tony Wesby says fathers need to step up when it comes to supporting their children. He says he hears too often kids saying that their dads can’t make it to school events. He wants to change that. Wesby says he believes a child with a father figure is much more likely to succeed. So he and another Burke County father put together a group of men for the “Back to School Fathers Challenge.”

The plan is to cheer on students and teachers at every county school when they arrive for their first day of classes.

“Parent involvement is so important. Men in parent involvement is more important because we already have more women teachers than men teachers. So they see women every day, and that’s good but it’s a mother figure. These kids need to see father figures. They need to see discipline, they need to see love, they need to see compassion, and they need to see it from a man,” said Wesby.

Wesby hopes to use the group of fathers cheering today to do similar events throughout the school year.

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