Augusta National PokéStops and Gyms removed from Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go Safety

AUGUSTA (WJBF-TV) — Popular spots for Pokémon GO players are disappearing across the CSRA.

According to several local players, the in-game PokéStops and Gyms on Augusta National Golf Course’s property are no longer there.

Players say the spots were easily accessible from Washington Road.

One was at the member’s gate and another was at the Augusta National’s water tower.

A PokéStop is where players can find items for the game.

A Gym is where players battle each other.

It appears other PokéStops and Gyms throughout the area have been removed as well.

One player says a stop was removed from the Regal Cinemas’ parking lot.

The game’s developer, Niantic, allows people to report stops and gyms for possible removal.

This is done to rid the game of dangerous and inappropriate locations, like graveyards and hospitals.

Businesses and homeowners also have the option to remove stops from the game if they’re becoming a problem.

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