“Out There…Somewhere”: Battle of decathletes really no contest

"Out There...Somewhere"

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – U-S–A  U-S-A He is good as gold Ashton Eaton the 2016 Olympic decathlon champion,

We love our decathletes.

Remember this one Bruce Jenner he won the 1976 Olympic decathlon and has done a pretty good job of staying in the lime-light since.

So what I wanted to know who is better known the decathlon champion from forty years ago or the champion who won last night for the second time.

So here’s your decathlon match-up  Ashton Eaton, versus Bruce Jenner,

“I do know Bruce Jenner, said one customer at a convenience store on Washington Road.

“Ashton Eaton?”

“The name is familiar but I just can’t quite place it,” he said.

“Ashton Eaton, not familiar,” said another customer,

“Never heard of him?


“He’s an actor isn’t he?”

“Ashton Eaton.”

“He’s an actor,” said another.

“Grew up watching Bruce Jenner and he became a woman,” said another.

“Bruce Jenner oh yeah Kaitlyn Jenner now”

“You know Bruce-Kaitlyn,Ashton Eaton?”

“I don’t know that one never heard of it no,” she said.

“I wonder why we know one name and not the other that’s,” said a customer.

“That’s why I’m asking you partner.”

“How come you know Bruce Jenner and not Ashton Eaton?

“Because he’s on TV all day,” said a customer.

“Social media and the internet and TV and apart from what’s really going on, said a customer pumping gas.”

“Will you remember the name Ashton Eaton,” I will now she said with a laugh

“I will now.”

We never forget our decathletes even the ones we don’t know.


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