Call for random drug tests for all workers and commissioners

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Commissioners have handed out their report cards for city administrator Janice Jackson, but Commissioner Marion Williams doesn’t think the testing should end there.

“There ought to be drug testing for everybody, everybody in this city ought to be drug tested people on the ground be drug tested people in the leadership capacity never been drug tested,” said Williams.

City policy says workers in safety sensitive areas do face random drug tests.

That would be sheriff’s deputies and fire fighters, also bus drivers

In all there’s about 18 different job areas where employees face random drug testing, the rest of the workers do not.

“I’ve got some employees who have been tested 10 or 12 times when a department head has never been tested that’s not fair,” said Williams.

Commission actions sometimes raise questions so does Williams feel he and the other members should be drug tested too.

“Everybody,” said Williams.


“Everybody ought to be drug tested,” said Williams.

“I’ll, that that no, no said Commissioner Bill Lockett.


“No,” he said.

“Should you be drug tested we asked the Mayor.

“I don’t do drugs,” he said.

“You could prove it.”

“Very good,” said Davis.

“We’re complaining enough now about not having funding and drug tests for everybody that’s going to cost more money where are we going to get it from,” said Lockett.

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