Vehicle theft increasing in Richmond County

Augusta, Ga. (WJBF)-The Richmond County Sheriffs Office is investigating a string of car break-ins at local businesses. Deputies responded to over ten car break-ins over the weekend that resulted in several items stolen from vehicles and business owners looking to update their surveillance system. From Tbonz restaurant to the parking lot of an IGA grocery store deputies want to make sure that you’re protected.

Lieutenant Alan Rollins of The Richmond County Sheriffs office says the break-ins are happening very quickly while customers are shopping.

“A couple of the reports I looked at look like maybe they had been riffled through after they parked it some place for just a minute and it was left unlocked and when they come back out  it was just that quick.” Rollins said.

The most recent string of break-ins occurred at the T-bonz restaurant on Washington road where three suspects were arrested for stealing valuables out of customer’s cars. Lt. Rollins says it’s simple just don’t leave anything in your vehicle.

“Leaving your pocket book leaving valuable s on the backseat and covering it with something that’s not going to fool anybody go ahead and take stuff out of the car. ” Rollins added.

Several of the reports were also cases where vehicles were left unlocked were suspects had easy access to valuables that were stolen. One of the reported items stolen was a firearm and the victims personal identification.

“When you’re at home at night your firearms should be in the house with you they shouldn’t be left in your car.” Rollins said.

Rollins said of the reported incidents it wasn’t just vehicles that were broken into but homes and car garages as well.

He said the best thing to do is to immediately call the police to make a report and if you have security surveillance to make sure the area is well lit to capture an accurate description of the suspect.

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