Columbia County teen cited after Blanchard Woods Park vandalism

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — From the dozens of tire marks seen in parking lot of Blanchard Woods Park, it’s clear someone doing donuts, peeling out and drifting around turns.

Although it’s minor damage, investigators cited a teen for damage to property.

“We investigate and if damage is done, we try to get with the owners of the property and decide if they want to prosecute and if so, somebody’s going to jail,” Captain Andy Shedd said.

The incident brings back memories from nearly two years ago when a teen was charged with trespassing after he went mudding through the park’s BMX track and caused more than $50,000 in damage.

Shedd says it’s not uncommon to see damage caused by teens and their big trucks.

“County tax dollars have paid for all of these nice facilities for us to have. Like a BMX track, running parks, workout areas and just nice venues that families can go to and enjoy the outdoors, and we definitely do not want people to tearing them up with 4X4 vehicles,” Shedd said.

But it’s not just public property deputies are concerned with.

NewsChannel 6 has video that shows the damage left behind by someone mudding in the Crawford Creek subdivision.

“If you cause damage to any of the facilities to include sod and gravel, and any of the facilities that have been graded, and made that way for a reason, it’s a criminal offense,” Shedd said.

Almost two weeks ago, a man was killed in Appling after deputies say he was thrown from the hood of the jeep after he and his friends were goofing off and speeding down a dirt road.

Two teens are facing charges in connection with the horseplay accident.

It’s a good reminder that “mudding” and off-roading can be costly and deadly.

“Number one, common sense should play a part. Number two, if you have any questions, refer back to your driver’s manual that you actually got when you were 16 or 17 years old. Those are all the rules and regulations for the road, and what you can and can’t do,” Shedd said.

Deputies want to remind people that you can’t just go mudding on any property, whether it’s public or private. You need to have permission.

If you’re caught, you could be charged with disorderly conduct all the way up to criminal damage to property.

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