“Out There…Somewhere”: She still waits for home on National Dog Day

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – This guy is fired up and why not dog gone it it’s National Dog Day.

“That’s why I’m at pet smart buying him some bones laughs,” said Chrissy Cunningham.

Margaret Tindle was celebrating National Dog Day by taking her two dogs for a bath

“That’s not a very good for their day.”

“I thought it would be they get pampered,” she said.

We do love our dogs because they fill us with joy.

“Well just when you come home he’s so happy to see me he doesn’t talk back like my husband does just kidding,” said Cunningham.

But there’s no kidding this is National Dog Day is that a good idea?

“I think we should have one to recognize our pets they are like part of our family,” said Tindle.

It is said that every dog has its day and this one sure has, this is Gracie and in fact Gracie has had more than 3000 days here at the CSRA Humane Society shelter.

“Gracie is a Shepard mix she looks like she is pretty energetic she’s actually 11 years old,” said Raynette Mayer, President of the CSRA Humane Society.

Gracie is at home at the CSRA humane shelter she’s been a resident for more than a decade.

The shelter doesn’t put its pets down so they stay until they’re adopted, a lot of National Dog Days have come and gone but Gracie still hasn’t.

“Some dogs for some reason you just can’t anticipate but she hasn’t been adopted but she’s ready to go home with somebody,” said Mayer.

After all the time inside Gracie now is no longer a pup.

“Those old dogs need all the love they can get especially if they’re not going to live much longer they need to be taken care off to,” said Cunningham.

That would make Gracie’s day for sure.

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