Augusta weathers storm

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga  (WJBF) Demarcus Burns knew today was all wet, but that was easy to see.

“It’s raining pretty hard are you worried about flooding what about it I’m not worried about the flood I’m just worried about my family being safe,” said Burns.

There was enough worry to go around Augusta open its emergency operations center at seven this morning, to keep an eye on the remnants of the hurricane with the hope the heavy rain wouldn’t come down all at one.

“It’s bringing all that rain and all that moisture from the ocean so we’re about the heavy rain still coming we’re watching the radars we’re watching all the oranges and yellows and wondering when exactly that’s going to hit us,” said Augusta’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Mie Lucas.

But some paid the storm little mind Kelly Thompson and her sons Benjamin, and Sam didn’t let a little rain stop their visit to the library.

“It’s really not too bad on the road we’ve been keeping an eye on the weather this morning and on the news so it seemed like it would be Okay to drive a new miles downtown today,” said Kelly.

But for others the wet conditions made it no fun on the road as these drivers on the Bobby Jones found out,

And if the cars were not   crashing they were splashing as the rains caused a mini lake here at 15th avenue and Old Savannah Road.

But no intersections needed to be blocked due to flooding even though the city put out barricades in advance in places that have had problems before.

The day did make a splash but for the most of Augusta did weather the storm.

Downed limbs created some problems today there was some minor flooding but only a handful of people lost power, Fire Chief Chris James said the calls started tampering about 3:45 this afternoon.

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