Driving In Heavy Rain and Wind Can Be Dangerous

Courtesy: Richmond County Emergency Management Agency

AUGUSTA, GA-  With Hurricane Hermine’s impacts being felt in the Augusta-Aiken area, local law enforcement and insurance companies are urging caution when out on the roads.  As the rain gets heavier throughout the day on Friday, there is a good chance for puddling and flooded streets.  The best advice is to stay off the roads if it’s not necessary that you be out and about today.  However, if you need to drive today officials offer the following advice before you head out the door:

  • Check Your Tires:  When tires are properly inflated, it allows you to have better traffic on slick roads.
  • Leave Room:  Allow yourself plenty of stopping distance between yourself and the car in front of you.
  • Slow Down:  Reducing your speed significantly decreases your chances of hydroplaning.
  • Avoid Cruise Control:  The chance of losing control while using this feature on your car or truck increases during wet weather
  • Turn Around Don’t Drown:  There is no way to tell how deep standing water is on a flooded road.  Driving through standing water can cause your car to stall and result in severe damage and even endanger your life.

There are several roads throughout the Augusta area that are prone to flooding and higher water when heavy rain hits.  The Richmond County Emergency Management Agency has a easy to use, interactive map here if you would like to see what areas are most prone to becoming dangerous in the event of severe weather.  Also, stay tuned to NewsChannel 6 online and on air for the latest in road conditions and weather updates due to Hermine.

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