Hermine keeps Burke County wet with high winds

Puddles of water are forming around Burke County as rain falls in the wake of Hermine.

WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) –  A blanket of water literally covers many Burke County roads and more water will accumulate through the afternoon.  Burke County EMA PIO Amylia Lester spoke with NewsChannel 6 early Friday, “Stay off the roadways. If it is absolutely necessary for them to travel make sure they slow down.”

Wet roads and high winds can be seen around the Bird Dog Capital of the World, Hermine had his way in Burke County with lots of rain, but not so high water.

Fire- Rescue workers joined the rest of the emergency management crew standing by in case Mother Nature called for the operations center to open for business.

“Of course, we use CodeRED to notify people if they would need to evacuate or if there is something specific they need to do.  If a shelter is open we would also notify, usually on Facebook, but we could always us CodeRED for that,” Lester said.

Dispatch is on hand to take reports of damages or flooding.  Around town puddles of water began to form.  The best way for people to stay safe is to stay off the roads and that should not be a problem since schools are gated and locked.

“There is the potential for isolated tornadoes.  It’s a good idea, especially with kids home from school, to practice.  Make sure everyone in your family knows where the safe room is.  A safe room is the interior room on the lowest level of the home, preferably in the center of the home.  Kids practice that at school, but not always at home, so it’s a good idea to be ready for that also,” she said.

Again, we cannot stress enough to stay off the roads and if you have to go out slow down.

Photojournalist: Brandon Dawson


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