Holiday Travel has storm along for the ride

If you are traveling for the holidays, law enforcement wants everyone to stay safe not just from weather.

Aiken County,Sc   (WJBF) Traditionally the Labor Day weekend is the second busiest travel holiday  for holiday  right behind Thanksgiving.
That means there was a heavy rain getting  all that heavy traffic on 1-20.

The storm will be racing up the east coast,

The same direction a driver from Macon was going, taking her daughter to college in New Jersey.

“It’s been really difficult there’s  been some spots where we hit some water so I have to be very cautious you know I slow down usually I hit 65-70 but it’s been 55- 65 did you think about cancelling oh no we have to make it up there,” said Geraldine Akunwanne,

Geraldine said the best of advice for all of those traveling in the remnants of a hurricane  is to take it slow and watch out for other drivers

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