Hurricane Hermine brings heavy rain to Allendale County

Allendale, Sc. (WJBF)- The Emergency Preparedness Division of Allandale County began the day monitoring low line flood areas that are prone to extreme flooding during disasters. Several retention ponds began to fill quickly as heavy rain swept through much of the areas. Crews work diligently to remove debris from around the drains of the ponds to prevent water from spilling into the streets. Lt. Steven Robinson of the Allendale County Sheriffs office says he wants residents to be aware of those areas and avoid them if possible.

“There’s one really bad area it’s on Bay Street and normally it will hold a lot of water and we’ve been monitoring that.” Stevens said. ”

There were several road closures as well as fallen trees towards Ulmer road. Stephens say Emergency Management and the Department of Transportation will work together to add barricades to prevent residents from driving through those areas.

There were no reported injuries as a result of those storms. EMA is asking that if you do decide to get in your vehicle and drive to call and report any flooding you see so they can call crews to assess the damage and take precautions.


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