Growing Peanut Butter documentary premiers Tuesday, September 6th in Burke County

Television Park–   Did you know that Georgia produces about 50% of the country’s peanut crop?

A Burke County filmmaker has detailed the production of peanuts and peanut butter in a documentary called Growing Peanut Butter. Joseph Barnhart joins me this week on Jennie.

Jennie: In your movie, you’re taking the viewer through a brief history of the peanut plant.

Joseph: A lot of people think they know where peanuts come from and they think they might know a little bit about the history, but you’ve really got to go in depth to understand how it goes from Peru to Europe to the shores of North America and finally your kitchen table.

Jennie: And we have some pictures from that film we want to show you right now… what in the world made you get so interested in the history of that Georgia peanut?

Joseph: Well, I was looking for something to do that year to expand my video skills and my dad happened to grow peanuts that year, which doesn’t happen very often, and my mom said work with what you have and so I started shooting the process of growing peanuts.

Jennie: You had a passion for technology so film–  that’s right up your alley! One thing you did that I think is just remarkable is you documented your grandfather’s stories on film and get his history, and that was really important to you.

Joseph: That’s right, that’s where it all started …. my becoming a filmmaker. I thought it was important to document his history because how many people have their grandparents’ history on video, or even audio? And thankfully, I was able to get all 80 years of his life.

Jennie: And you have a big public screening of your film coming up Tuesday Sept 6th in Waynesboro  at 7pm at the Burke County Library.

You can see the rest of Joseph’s interview right here on NewsChannel 6 Tuesday afternoon, at 12:30.

This week on Jennie we’ll also be talking about stress management… and the physical and emotional benefits of massage therapy.  And WJBF’s Barclay Bishop joins us to talk about her series, Women to Watch.

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