Commission to vote on art grant; dancer’s appeal

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) New art for bus shelters  is one issue facing August city leaders.
Commissioners set to vote allowing the Augusta Arts Council to apply for a 150 thousand dollar federal grant.
The money would pay for art to be displayed at city bus shelters.
Voters approved 650 thousand dollars in the last sales tax vote so that will serve as the city’s match for the grant.

” Some concern that it might get in the way of advertising is that a concern for you as well?”

We asked Transit Director Pat Stephens.

“As of right now I think they’re two different programs I think we’ll work with the arts council to make sure we preserve some of that,Stephens said.

Also in front of commissioners Tuesday the  appeal by an exotic dancer who was denied an adult entertainment license because she wants to work on  her own, and not in a nightclub.

Requiring random drug testing for all employees.

And security at the Municipal Building.

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