It’s the first holiday at Riverwalk since July 4th shooting

AUGUSTA,Ga  (WJBF) Henry Wallace and his dog were spending Labor Day at Riverwalk; he was also here on the Fourth of July.

“Does that weigh into your thoughts of coming back?”

“No, no I come down here two or three times a day every day,” said Wallace.

There were a lot of people spending their Labor Day at Riverwalk.

The first holiday since the shooting rocked the park two months ago.

Jeremy Whaley had his family were at the park playing Pokémon go, I wanted to know if he thought about the shooting beforehand.

“A little bit we always try to be extra careful being downtown as opposed to being at Savannah Rapids or someplace,” said Whaley.

“Back of your head you were thinking about it?”

“Yeah, yeah,” he said.

“It didn’t keep you away.”
“Not at all, he said.

Three weeks before the shooting Augusta officials toured Riverwalk for a firsthand look at the condition of Augusta’s most popular park.

The tour discovered  maintenance issues at the park and graffiti, two  and a half months later some of the maintenance  issues have been address, though problems remain.,

Tiffany Chopra and her two kids were visiting from Charlotte; I wanted to know how she viewed the park in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

“They’ve done a real good job you know a few things here and there that could be fixed but I think you know they really do try and do a good job,” she said.

But some say the city needs to do a better job at the park,

“If they’re going to brag about it and have visitors come to see the Riverwalk then they need to hire more people to keep it up,” said Wallace.

That would keep people coming on Labor Day and beyond.

Back in July commissioners approved up to 150 thousand dollars to complete the funding for a sheriff’s office precinct on the Riverwalk,

Last week City administrator Janice Jackson said the developer and construction firm are working on a final cost estimate to present to the commission.

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